The WITNESS Trilogy Novels

What makes Naomi’s novels special?

unforgettable characters

profound life lessons

suspenseful as well as humorous

elegantly written

Inspire Hope And Encouragement

compelling and entertaining

The Witness

“A serial killer survivor. An American testifying in a British court. Fast paced action. Suspenseful and surprising! The court scenes are gripping. Remarkable characters and intense writing keep the readers engaged.”

The Mission

“September 11th brings an unexpected climate of terrorism to London. Specialist firearms officers hope to contain the violence. Yet grief follows in its wake.”

The Hostage

“Police negotiations fail. Extreme emotions and violence escalate. A life is saved but at what cost to the protectors? Has the press lost all propriety? The British legal system goes on trial. Will the outcome be legal or just?”

Coming in 2024

A Casualty of War

Fall, 1947. World War II has been over for more than two years, but a new war has taken its place: the Cold War. Previous alliances no longer exist, and new aggressions concern the security services of the United States and Great Britain. Into this fragile peace is drawn a young American woman, selected without her knowledge to become the bearer of information that could threaten the strategic political balance in the world. This novel delves into nuances of spycraft, interrogation, and psychological stress. Set in Great Britain and France, A Casualty of War is an eloquently written spy thriller graced with unforgettable characters. Like The Witness trilogy novels, it is suspenseful, moving, and powerful.