Introducing The Mission, the Second Novel in The Witness Series

The Mission by Naomi Kryske

After The Witness was published, I discovered that my characters were still alive. Their lives were continuing, things were happening to them, and I knew what they were. Thus The Mission was born, which continues the tale of Jenny, Colin, Sergeant Casey, Brian, Padre Goodwyn, Dr. Knowles, and others.

The story begins on September 11, 2001, when Jenny, a young Texan, sees her homeland attacked. She now lives in the idyllic northwest London suburb of Hampstead, but she feels the uneasiness that all Americans abroad do. Then the climate of terrorism in the United States sweeps across the Atlantic. A cargo ship in the English Channel is reported to be carrying terrorist material. Richard Reid, born and raised in Britain, tries to destroy an American Airlines plane in flight with a bomb in his shoe. Each incident seems to be happening closer and closer to home.

Naomi Leaving Collin's House
Naomi Leaving Collin’s House

Jenny’s husband, Detective Chief Inspector Colin Sinclair, recalls the days of IRA terrorism and assures her that police officers in the UK have a good deal of experience fighting terrorists. Her friend, Sergeant Simon Casey, also reassures her, but early in 2002, a terrorist attack occurs in London and devastates her.

Plane Trees in Hampstead Heath
Plane Trees in Hampstead Heath

In The Witness Jenny recovered from the trauma of violence. The Mission chronicles her struggle to overcome the trauma of grief and make a new life for herself. As she does so, a new danger appears, this time on the quaint streets of her Hampstead home.

Heath Street, Hampstead
Heath Street, Hampstead


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