Naomi at work on The Mission

The Self-Help Novel: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Note: This month’s blog is being guest written by my husband, Larry, who is President of Your Finest Hour Leadership Programs. He was a career naval officer, private school administrator and teacher, and for the last seventeen years

Hampstead Heath Pond

Summer: In London and in Life

Most consider summer a season with a slower pace. After a busy spring, we catch our collective breath. We look back and

Parliament: A witness to a rule of law and not of men


Not too long ago, I had a dream in which I was preparing to speak to a group about my novel, The Witness. While I was gathering my papers, an argument broke out between

Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his Four Freedoms

A New Look at FDR’s Four Freedoms

Jennifer Jeffries, the protagonist in The Witness, was the victim of a brutal attack during a visit to London. Her physical injuries healed slowly, but the emotional damage she suffered was even more difficult and enduring.

Sherlock Holmes observing Baker Street Station, Central London

A Writer’s ABC

All writing begins as a shadow, a faint image, a specter without substance. Then something steps out of the mist and engages a living mind. What is

Naomi at work on The Mission

Writing is a Relationship

Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, “‘Tis the good reader that makes the good book.” That’s an eloquent way to voice the belief that writers and readers are

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Be A Witness

My novel, The Witness, is so named because a young American tourist, Jennifer Jeffries, is the victim of

Celebrating the arrival of The Witness

A Child is Born

According to dictionaries, gestation refers to the growth of a baby inside a mother—or the growth of an idea—over a period of time.