Jennifer Jeffries

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Be A Witness

My novel, The Witness, is so named because a young American tourist, Jennifer Jeffries, is the victim of

Roses in Christ Church, Chorleywood, UK

Time Past, Present, and Future

According to Sir James Barrie, author of Peter Pan, “God gave us memory that we might have roses in December.” He viewed memory as a gift, something meant to

The Witness Quotation #1

Courage is What You Do

In The Witness, Jennifer Jeffries feels an overwhelming anxiety about testifying against the man who attacked her. She barely escaped with her life; how can she

London crosswalks advise which way to look for oncoming traffic.

Separated By a Common Language

When George Bernard Shaw called the Americans and the English “two peoples separated by a common language,” he was intending to be

Old milestone near Whitestone Pond, Hampstead


When we think of milestones, we are usually referring to the developmental milestones which parents are so happy to see their children reach. These may involve

A Portrait of Traumatic Stress

Initially seen in soldiers and called shell shock or battle fatigue, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has now been diagnosed in

Frost on Hampstead Heath


December: a season when many holiday traditions are celebrated. We plan and prepare food for family gatherings, we purchase and wrap gifts, we communicate